For parents

All info about your children’s clubs in one place

  • Detailed information about clubs and register accessible from your phone
  • Online bookings and secure payments
  • Direct contact with club leaders

No more fuss, but lots more fun

End the headache of trying to keep up with your child’s school club schedule. Make crumpled bits of paper stuck to the bottom of lunch boxes a thing of the past. View your child’s school club schedule, get timely updates, and see new clubs offered by the school in one place.

See for yourself what’s going on

Your child’s school has a dedicated school clubs page on our website where you can see all the clubs offered by the school. Search by year, and by category, and make sure you know what clubs are offered by the school.

Don’t let your child miss out

In addition we’ve got a big range of external school club providers on our website. Search our listings to find the clubs that exactly match your child’s interest, and ask the school to add them to their page.

Share with other schools

We know that every child is unique. We can offer very specialised clubs thanks to our online classroom. It doesn’t matter if there are only a couple of kids at the school with the same interest as your child, because online club capacity can be shared with other schools.

Easily follow your child’s progress

Keep track of your child’s progress from your child’s personalised account. Schedules, sessions overview, announcements, register – it’s all at your fingertips.

More than just school clubs

We are working with inspirational speakers, successful entrepreneurs, and great writers to deliver unique workshops to your school. Stay tuned for updates soon.

How it works

Step 1

Find your school or follow the link from your school’s website.

Step 2

Search for clubs relevant to your year group.

Step 3

Book a place on your selected clubs. Some clubs have a minimum required number. As soon as this number is reached, the club is confirmed. We’ll keep you updated!

Step 4

If there is no more space in the club of your choice, you can join the waiting list. We’ll let you know as soon as a place becomes available.

Any questions?