About us

Years of experience in teaching online and offline and delivering programmes tailored to different educational requirements led us to SchoolClubs.

We know fantastic club leaders who can teach wonders and schools that would like to make every minute at school count. What doesn’t fit into the curriculum plans will be covered in the clubs.

We are making it easier for club leaders and schools to work together. We pre-select clubs, verify providers and create a space to make it all about building confidence and growing creative minds in between school sessions.

We are here to support schools, pupils and parents in as many or as few things as needed.


A fully hosted web service optimised for all devices

Fast and reliable servers

SchoolClubs is hosted on Amazon servers in London, and is highly scalable to meet demand during peak booking times. Your data is regularly backed up to ensure it is never lost.


We follow security industry best practices to prevent personal data leaks. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted. We enforce strong user passwords.


Our solution is GDPR compliant. We'll never sell information to anyone.

Secure online payments

We use Stripe for accepting payments and make payouts. We never store sensitive card and bank account details.

Working with us

We are a small team of passionate technologists who have been working in the UK educational sector for the past 10 years.
We'll work closely with you, quickly respond to your feedback and make sure club management is as easy as 1-2-3.

Setting up

We'll configure the system for your needs, helping you to migrate from your current solution and to import your data.


Our system is quite intuitive, but we do provide training videos. We will always be on hand for in-person training when needed.


If you have technical problems or questions - we are always on the line and happy to help.

Listening your feedback

Let us know if we are missing a useful feature or some part of the system doesn't quite match your needs. We are highly responsive and your feedback will be heard directly by the product team.