Year 7 - Year 13
Group size
10 - 30 pupils
London Wide
£220 per session

Our Political Literacy programme covers an Introduction to British Politics (voting, Parliament, contacting MPs), International Relations and Political Theory (Left and Right wing, international bodies), Media Literacy (how to critically analyse the media and deal with misinformation) and Employability skills (debating and public speaking).

Students will get the chance to improve their People Skills via debates and public speaking exercises during the programme. These transferable skills are highly valuable especially for their future career prospects!

The programme ends with a Speech Night, during which your students will deliver speeches on issues they’re passionate about in front of their parents/carers and local/regional/national politicians hosted right at your school!

When you have Political Literacy, you begin to build Stronger and more Resilient Communities, and to promote Activism to incite positive change.

This enhances your students’ ability to influence local policymaking, to engage in activism and to build their overall Emotional Resilience and Confidence. They will also register to vote!

The programme will help your students become responsible media consumers, by teaching them how to critically analyse the information they see on social media, and to identify Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News.

Requirements for school to support this club
  • Room in the school, after the normal school day, has ended, for 1 hour.
  • Promotion to parents about club.