Year 5 - Year 13
Group size
4 - 8 pupils
£15 per session

If you're familiar with the Percy Jackson stories, you'll LOVE this course.

Find out more about where author Rick Riordan found inspiration for his versions of the stories about the gods, the titans, the muses, the fates and other characters from Greek Mythology that he used in his Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

In this course, we'll be going back to basics - we'll look at some characters from Greek Myths as ancient writers like Ovid, Hesiod, and Apollodorus described them. We'll also look at other modern retelllings by Robert Graves, Ted Hughes, and oral storytellers.

We'll look at how the stories fit into a way of thinking about the world that's truly cosmic, wicked (in both senses of the word) and magical.

Expand your knowledge. Engage in some cool research. See how the themes the ancient Greeks talked about still affect our lives today. Your classical knowledge, cultural knowledge, general knowledge, and study skills will all expand - and you'll gain some cool vocabulary on the way.

About Leon

Leon is a teacher steeped in the wonder and wisdom of the traditional integrated and integrative classical liberal arts, and is a keen supporter of living traditions, including living traditions of oral storytelling. He is author of several books including Aesop The Storyteller (Aladdin's Cave Press, 2008), a collection of 12 versified Aesopic fables, and History Riddles (Liberalis Books, 2013).


Students will need standard stationery supplies, and access to digital resources, including word processing softward and EITHER a digital shared workplace OR a hard copy A4 ring-file binder with dividers. In both cases, they will need facilities to upload clear scans or pictures of homework tasks. All courses will be taught on line in a specialised learning environment - a fast broadband connection is advisable. Some background reading will be required.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Content will be adapted to individual levels and interests as much as possible. Special needs students can be provided for (please contact the tutor to discuss before enrolling) and assessments can be handed in via video rather than in written format, with videos uploaded to YouTube or WeTransfer and shared via private link on this site.


Requirements for school to support this club

Suitable study premises

Tech/Admin support for helping with connectivity

Adult on-site supervision for helping with focus and concentration